Pegasus Consulting Support
Pegasus Consulting Support
Pegasus is led by Helen Conlin
  • Fellow of IChemE and Chartered Chemical Engineer
  • IChemE Register of Safety Professionals
  • Member of IChemE Publications Medals Board of Assessors
  • Topic Editor (Human Factors and Management) of Process Safety and Environmental Protection Official Journal of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering: Part B
  • Awarded the IChemE Safety and Loss Prevention Group's Frank Lees Medal and received Highly Commended IChemE Safety Award for work developing and applying the method 'Assessing the Safety of Staffing Arrangements for Process Operations in the Chemical and Allied Industries' (UKHSE Contract Research Report CRR348/2001 in conjunction with Philip Brabazon)
  • Former Member of IChemE HAZARDS symposia organising committee (10 years)
  • Former Member of IChemE Safety Forum

Pegasus projects include:

  • Major complex organisational design, development and change support (Chemicals)
  • Major complex organisational design, development and change support (Oil and Gas)
  • Organisational culture change advice and support (Specialist Engineering)
  • Development and delivery of Quality Performance Workshops (Specialist Engineering)
  • Review of Quality (Specialist Engineering)
  • Audit and review of organisational response and learning from crane related incidents (Iron and Steel)
  • Development and delivery of Procedure Writing Workshops (Iron and Steel)
  • Procedure peer review from Human Factors and Technical Author perspective (Iron and Steel)
  • Organisational design and management of change review and support (Iron and Steel)
  • Risk management strategic advice for the assurance of EU Natural Gas supply security and resilience to malicious damage (Public Sector)
  • Management System review, development and implementation support for multi-stakeholder Project (Renewables)
  • COMAH Safety Report review and update (Oil and Gas)
  • Exothermic chemical reaction risk assessment, ALARP study and demonstration (Oil and Gas)
  • Multiple Engineering Project decision making advice based on process safety hazard and risk control (Oil and Gas)
  • Multiple Engineering Project process safety and human factors support (Oil and Gas)
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